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Do homosexual and transgender people need specialist hypnotherapy?

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people have the same range of life difficulties as heterosexual people. They will suffer from phobias, experience anxiety and depression, want to give up smoking or lose weight. They are just as likely to experience trauma or want to develop their self-esteem, confidence or careers and will need as much or as little relationship support as anyone. Any good hypnotherapist should be able to help with these difficulties, and yet...

We still live in a society that makes assumptions of heterosexuality. It can be very disconcerting to see the fleeting look of discomfort when you identify your spouse or partner as the same gender. Even worse and detrimental to your treatment can be a decision to hide your sexual orientation. Most therapists will be very accepting, yet once you have seen that look - no matter how brief - it can undermine or even destroy your trust in that person.

The following is an extract from a Report entitled ‘Diagnosis: Homophobic’ commissioned by Spectrum.


Issues which are specific to Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people

There are also many issues which are specific to homosexual people, including:
  • Identity - am I gay? What gender am I meant to be?
  • Coming out - to whom? When?
  • Relationship issues around differing values of openness
  • AIDS & HIV
  • For some people - living a double life
  • Whether to have a civil partnership
  • Acceptance within the gay community for those who switch sexual orientation during their life or are bi-sexual
  • Wanting children and needing to adopt or deal with surrogacy or sperm donors
  • Moving through decisions about gender change with family and friends

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy can help people who want to address lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual or transgender issues

I live with my civil partner in the Chew Valley, so I have experienced many of the issues mentioned above. This means I am strongly placed to use my skills as a fully qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor to address these particular topics.

Even the ordinary problems of life feel that bit easier for my gay and lesbian clients, once they realise that they are with a fellow member of the gay community. It creates just another area where they can relax, knowing they are free to be themselves.

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy offers a full package of support for lesbian, gay and bi-sexual or transgender issues

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist, with positive experience of helping people manage lesbian, gay and bi-sexual or transgender issues. You can be confident that I will be accepting, understanding and affirming.

I am trained in solution-focused hypnotherapy which means that I will be helping you to look for positive change in your life. This will result in you regaining control and actually enjoying the experience of change.

Even after the initial interview you will begin to feel your level of stress and anxiety reducing and will start to see improvements in your life.

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