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Chew Valley Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching
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People who find it easy to eat naturally can't understand how hard it is when you have a weight problem. They will often nag and criticise or tease, making it harder and harder to manage.

I know.

I was 7 stone overweight and understand how it feels to watch the scales going up despite your best efforts. I felt unhappy with the way I looked and powerless to do anything about it.

Solution-focussed Hypnotherapy puts the pleasure back into eating. No more guilt or shame.

You too can go out for a meal, eat what you choose and know that you are eating reasonably.

Imagine the admiration in the faces of your friends and family when you leave food on your plate, not because of some faddy diet but simply because you've had as much as you want. Perhaps you can hear your loved ones praising you, as you return to your natural weight.

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy offers a Weight Management Programme which allows you to eat the foods you choose, when you choose and still lose weight. By re-educating you to recognise your body's natural signals, you will be able to choose the foods you like, and eat when you feel hungry. Soon you will regain control over your eating, control over your life, and never feel deprived again.

It will be wonderful when you can walk into any shop and buy the clothes you want to wear. Just picture yourself looking good in anything.

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy

Assisting You to a Brighter Future