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Do you feel your life is blocked?

Many people feel that their lives could be a lot better if only they could:
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Think clearly about what they want to be doing
  • Stop worrying
  • Feel more confident
  • Focus on their tasks
  • Remove certain negative habits.
Are you such a person? If so, I would love to work with you.

Decide on your path through life and go for it

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is all about goal achievement.

It ís about increasing your motivation to take control of your life and establish your own way of living. It teaches practical skills such as time management and goal identification, and focusing skills such as visualisation.

Areas that benefit from this approach include but are not restricted to:

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy can help you to get the work you want

Career development is about deciding what you want from work and creating a pathway to achieving your goals.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective and enjoyable tool.

By dealing with the subconscious mind you avoid the obstacles and limitations which your argumentative conscious minds often create, freeing you up to be more creative and energetic.

You can look at career development while you are looking for work, but also when you are already in a job that you enjoy.

It can be about switching to an entirely new field; or merely adjusting the tasks you do, so you perform better and get more pleasure out of your work.

This means that you can:

  • Identify the type of work you would most enjoy
  • Discover areas of your current jobs that you want to improve
  • Recognise your skills and the best way to apply them
  • Feel confident during interviews or when asking for raises
  • Be aware of your true worth
  • Really focus on your work
  • Concentrate more
  • Improve your performance at work to your optimum level
  • Take financial control of your life
  • Chew Valley Hypnotherapy can help you with your relationships.

    Many of us find relationships quite difficult. We might worry about ever finding the right person or be unhappy with the person we have chosen. We might have difficulty coping with a partnerís negative behaviour.

    Sometimes our past experiences can get in the way of our current circumstances and restrict us from enjoying our present relationships. Sometimes past experiences have ill equipped us so we have difficulty with personal boundaries.

    Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective and enjoyable tool. It enables us to review our relationships and explore our own contribution to our present situation. We can discover our good qualities and loveable characteristics, restoring our belief in ourselves. We can also discover new approaches to situations, enabling us to alter our relationships in positive ways.

    This means that you can:

    • Identify and value the qualities you bring to a relationship
    • Identify the qualities you are looking for in a relationship with someone else
    • Feel confident in your ability to maintain and strengthen relationships
    • Be aware of your true worth and improve your self-esteem
    • Fully appreciate and enjoy the people in your life

    Chew Valley Hypnotherapy can help you to study effectively

    Studying is a skill like any other, but many of us have been ill equipped for it. We donít believe in our abilities and are scattered and unfocussed in our learning, often procrastinating.

    If we become stressed about our study, we can also lose concentration and this may also have a negative effect on our memory.

    Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective and enjoyable tool. It can help you to identify your personal style of study and really take advantage of your individual skills and abilities.

    This means that you can:

    • Improve your memory
    • Increase your concentration
    • Develop your study skills
    • Recognise your strengths and the best way to apply them
    • Feel much more confident when in tutorials
    • Really focus on your work
    • Perform at your optimum level

    Facilitating change is my great passion

    I love using my skills to help people really take hold of their lives.

    Clients quickly become positive and focused, discovering skills and abilities they had barely acknowledged before. They enjoy spending time deciding exactly what they want from their lives and seeing their path open up before them.

    Join them now. Decide today to unblock your life, reclaim control, and start to live in the way you truly want.

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    I also practice from Whitchurch Health Centre, Bristol
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    And the Daisy Healing Centre, Glastonbury

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