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Is fear interfering with your life?

Many of us are anxious or afraid of specific activities or things in our lives. We might find ourselves reluctant to go to certain places or take part in specific activities. We might be carrying out detailed rituals in order to protect ourselves from imagined dangers. We probably know these behaviours are not rational but our level of fear is so high that we feel unable to stop. This is when we need to take action.

How do I know if I have a phobia?

We have a phobia if our fear of a particular activity or thing is interfering with our life. We might not be able to travel by plane, drive a car or cross a bridge for instance. We might find that we canít go into our own garden because we are so afraid of worms or spiders. The focus of the fear is not the main problem. The difficulty lies with the way that it restricts our life.

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy can help with phobias

Dealing with a simple phobia, with no complications, can be very straightforward. It can be removed in as few as four sessions, including the initial consultation.

However, the initial consultation is vital to establish whether this is a straightforward, one-issue phobia, or whether there is a larger pattern of heightened anxiety. Where there is more generalised anxiety or a collection of phobias it will be necessary to have more sessions (see the stress and anxiety page).

For a one-issue phobia I use the most effective technique, known as rewind and reframe. This process is extremely powerful and effective, bringing enormous relief to phobia sufferers. After this you will not only feel free of your phobia but will also feel that you can act as normally as anyone else around the issue that previously upset you. This means that you will once again be able to live life as you choose. The colour will be restored to your world.

What is a simple phobia?

Simple phobias are ones that are in isolation, where the rest of our life feels calm and normal most of the time. They will be very specific. Examples of a straightforward phobia include for example:
  • Fear of dental treatment
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of spiders, worms, dogs or snakes
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of buttons, balloons or other objects
  • Fear of crossing bridges or entering tunnels
Many of the things that we label as phobias impact on so much of our lives that they come into the category of obsessive compulsive behaviours. This is especially true where there is a lot of obsessive thinking occurring with it. If you think you may have a more serious problem go to the OCD page.
Does hypnotherapy work or is it all in the mind? Is hypnotherapy a useful method in treating certain problems? Or is it just a big con? People with addictions and phobias are increasingly turning to hypnotherapy to solve their problems. But the sceptics, and there are still many, believe it's just a con, a voodoo science. So we've put hypnotherapy in the spotlight - does it actually work? Or is it all in the mind?

Test one: claustrophobia
Laura seemed good and well after two hours' treatment in the clinic. But what happens to her claustrophobia when she puts herself in a lift two weeks after the treatment?

"It's really hard to say if hypnosis cured me because I haven't been in the situation yet where I can react, haven't been in a lift. But once I've had a test and gone up in a lift it'll be interesting to see how I go," says Laura.

Previously, Laura couldn't enter a lift without having a meltdown. This time, her aim is to see how far she can get, if she needs to get out, she will. She walks into one of the tallest lifts in Brisbane feeling pretty relaxed - the AMP building is 32 storeys high.

"Nothing's coming into my brain to cloud it with fear," she says. With 15 floors to go Laura's still keeping her cool. Then finally at the top and she is feeling on top of the world! "I did it! Let's do it again!"

Excerpt from an article on Health & Well-Being website

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy offers a full package of support

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist, with positive experience of helping people to remove phobias. You can be confident that I will be using my skills to help you to remove your fears and reclaim control of your life.

I am trained in solution-focused hypnotherapy which means that I will be helping you to look for positive change in your life. This will result in you regaining control of your life and actually enjoying the experience of change.

Even after the initial interview you will begin to feel your level of stress and anxiety reducing and will start to see improvements in your life.

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