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Do You Feel as if You Just Can't Cope?

Today's life moves at a fast pace with lots of noise and visual stimulus. Many people work in jobs with tight deadlines and we all experience frustrations and demands.

Stress isn't always bad. In small doses, it can help us perform better by keeping our minds sharp and our attention focused. It becomes a problem when we are always running to catch up. This places enormous pressure on our bodies and minds causing us to become unhappy, interfering with our sleep and damaging our relationships.

If you often feel overwhelmed, unable to enjoy yourself and relax it's time to do something about it.

What are the symptoms of too much stress or anxiety?

Symptoms of excessive stress can include:
  • Difficulty getting to sleep or waking in the night (insomnia)
  • Nightmares and sleep walking
  • Having difficulty waking in the morning and feeling tired all the time
  • Finding it hard to focus or concentrate
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), feeling nauseous for no reason
  • Heart palpitations, sudden sweats
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling the need to re-check things such as whether you have your keys or phone (see OCD page)
  • Obsessive, negative and circular thinking, racing thoughts
  • Irrational fears (see phobias page)
  • Nervous habits such as nail biting, chewing hair
  • Uncontrollable anger or constant irritation with other people
  • Unexplained aching or pain
  • Feeling lonely or cut off from people
  • Smoking, using drugs or excessive drinking
  • Feeling overwhelmed by events or your situation
  • Jaw and teeth grinding
  • Eating too much or not eating enough
Hypnosis and the practice of self-hypnosis may significantly reduce general anxiety, tension and stress in a manner similar to other relaxation and self-regulation procedures (Schoenberger, 2000). Likewise, hypnotic treatment may assist in insomnia in the same way as other relaxation methods (Anderson, Dalton & Basker, 1979; Stanton, 1989).

From: The Nature of Hypnosis
A report prepared by a Working Party at the request of The Professional Affairs Board of The British Psychological Society


How can Hypnotherapy help with stress and anxiety?

Our bodies have a natural mechanism for dealing with stress. It is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Every night during our REM sleep we process stressful events and move them from the emotional part of our brain to a calmer area, where we can be objective about them. This is what is happening when we dream.

Unfortunately when we become over stressed the system breaks down or can't cope with the amount we are asking it to process.

Hypnosis helps in three ways. Firstly it acts as an additional period of REM, enabling us to get on top of some of our back log of stress.

Secondly the process of seeing a good hypnotherapist will actually help you to reclaim control of your life. You will become calmer, more confident and generally better able to cope. It gives you space to review what is going on in your life, and during trance you will often come up with solutions to problems that you had previously thought were insurmountable.

Finally you will learn tips and techniques for reducing and dealing with stress.

For a practical way to begin reducing stress right now, read my article, "Reduce stress and become more productive, simply by following your body's natural rhythms".

Chew Valley Hypnotherapy offers a full package of support for stress and anxiety

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist, with positive experience of helping people to overcome stress and anxiety. You can be confident that I will be using my skills to help you to relax and manage your life.

I am trained in solution-focused hypnotherapy which means that I will be helping you to look for positive change in your life. This will result in you regaining control of your life and actually enjoying the experience of change.

Even after the initial interview you will begin to feel your level of stress and anxiety reducing and will start to see improvements in your life.

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